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5.6 Dehumidification

Desiccant-based dehumidification systems are used extensively for removing moisture from moist air or gases in many industrial applications. Some typical industries where such systems are used include chemical, pharmaceutical, food, semi-conductor manufacturing, and vacuum processing. These systems are also used for climate control applications in commercial buildings.

Operation of these systems includes a regeneration step where hot air (or other gases) are used to remove moisture from saturated desiccant media. This is shown in a schematic in Figure 5-8.


Figure 5-8 – Deshumidification System

5.6.1 Process Uses

Major applications of dehumidification in the manufacturing sector include:

  1. Pharmaceutical processing
  2. Candy coating
  3. Storage and packing
  4. Conveying of hygroscopic powders
  5. Composite manufacturing
  6. Semiconductor manufacturing
  7. Printing operations
  8. Corrosion prevention
  9. Molding operations
  10. Drying operations.
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