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Combustion Turbines

Gas turbines are available in sizes ranging from several hundred kilowatts to over several hundred megawatts. Gas turbines produce high quality heat that can be used for commercial,  industrial or district heating steam requirements. Alternatively, this high temperature heat can be recuperated to improve the efficiency of power generation or used to generate steam and drive a steam turbine in a combined-cycle plant.Gas turbines can be used in a variety of configurations:

  • Simple cycle operation – a single gas turbine producing power only
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) operation – a simple cycle gas turbine with a heat recovery heat exchanger that recovers the heat in the turbine exhaust and converts it to useful thermal energy usually in the form of steam or hot water
  • Combine cycle operation in which high pressure steam is generated from recovered exhaust heat and used to create additional power using a steam turbine.

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Combustion Turbine

Combustion Turbine Manufacturers

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