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Combined Heat and Power Installation Database





Start Year Operator Type of Business Primary Thermal Host Capacity (kW) Cogen Type Fuel Type
2009 Great Northern Trigen/Soave Hydroponi Building Material and Garde n/a 12,000 SI n/a
2006 Health Canada Professional, Scientific Health Canada 70 MT Natural Gas
2006 The Hamilton Renewable Power Inc. Food Manufacturing n/a 4,800 GT n/a
2005 GTAA Cogeneration Plant- TransAlt Utilities GTAA 117,000 GT n/a
2005 PLT3 Crop Production Westbrook Greenhouses Ltd. 500 SI n/a
2004 Minto Suite Hotel Accommodation n/a 30 MT n/a
2004 Queensway Carleton Hospital Hospitals Queensway Carleton Hospital 999 SI Natural Gas
2003  Hamilton Community Energy Utilities City of Hamilton 3,500 SI Natural Gas
2003  Humber Treatment Plant Utilities n/a 4,700 SI Digester Gas
2002 CANMET Professional, Scientific n/a 700 MT n/a
2002 Correctional Services Canada Administration of Human Re Warkworth Institute 570 D Diesel
2002 TransAlta Energy Sarnia Utilities Dow Chemical Canada Inc. 465,000 GT Natural Gas
2001 Jungbunzlauer Canada Inc. Food Manufacturing Jungbunzlauer 10,000 GT Natural Gas
2001 Sudbury District Energy – Hospital Plant Hospitals Sudbury Regional Hospital 6,900 SI Natural Gas
2001 Warden Energy Centre/Markham District Utilities IBM Canada 8,500 SI Natural Gas
2000 CFB/ASU Petawawa Federal Government n/a 3,500 GT Natural Gas
2000 Tembec Industries, Spruce Falls Paper Manufacturing Tembec Inc. 15,000 BPEST Hog Fuel
2000 Toromont Trenton Cogeneraton Plant Utilities Sonoco Paper Mill 7,800 GT Natural Gas
1999  Maple Lodge Farms Ltd Food Manufacturing  Maple Lodge Farms 4,750 GT Natural Gas
1999 London Health Sciences Centre Hospitals University Hospital/ Victoria Hospital 7,000 CCGT n/a
1998 Whitby Cogeneration L.P. Utilities Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd. 58,000 GT Natural Gas
1997  Correctional Services Canada Federal Government Corrections Canada 760 SI n/a
1997  York University Educational Services  York University 5,000 GT Natural Gas
1997 Commercial Alcohols Chemical Manufacturing Commercial Alcohols Inc. 5,000 GT Natural Gas
1997 Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre Utilities n/a 2,430 SI Digester Gas
1996  TransAlta Chrysler Utilities DailmerChrysler Canada 72,000 GT Natural Gas
1996 Canada Center for Inland Waters Professional, Scientific Canada Centre for Inland Waterways 800 GT Natural Gas
1996 Iroquois Falls Power Corp. Utilities Abitibi Consolidated Inc. (Iroquois Falls D 116,000 GT Natural Gas
1996 Red Path Sugar Food Manufacturing Red Path Sugar Ltd. 5,600 BPST Natural Gas
1995 Casco Inc. Food Manufacturing Casco Inc. 15,000 GT Natural Gas
1995 City of Guelph Wastewater Treatment P Waste Management Wastewater Treatment plant 580 SI Digester Gas
1995 Cornwall District Heating Educational Services Institutional and Commercial 5,500 SI Natural Gas
1995 Ford Motor Company Transportation Equipment Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd. 28,000 ECST Natural Gas
1995 Kingston Cogen Limited Partnership Utilities Invista 115,000 GT Natural Gas
1995 Kodak Food Manufacturing Kodak Canada Inc. 4,500 GT Natural Gas
1995 West Windsor Utilities Canadian Salt Co. Ltd. 118,000 GT Natural Gas
1994  Sithe Casco – Cardinal Power Food Manufacturing Casco Inc. / Benson Public School 156,000 CCGT n/a
1994 National Research Council Professional, Scientific NRCC 4,000 GT n/a
1994 sanofi pasteur Chemical Manufacturing sanofi pasteur 9,280 GT Natural Gas
1994 Tembec Industries, Temiscaming Paper Manufacturing Tembec Inc. 12,000 BPST Hog Fuel
1993 AAFC Research Educational Services Vineland Research Centre 260 D Natural Gas
1993 Labatt Breweries Ontario Beverage and Tobacco Prod Labatt Brewing Co. Ltd. 5,000 GT Natural Gas
1993 Sonoco Can Corp Paper Manufacturing Sonoco Ltd. (Branford Mill) 3,800 GT Natural Gas
1993 Water Pollution Control Center Waste Management Barrie Waste Water Treatment Plant 500 SI Digester Gas
1993 Windsor University Cogeneration Plant Educational Services University of Windsor 3,800 GT Natural Gas
1992  Invista Maitland – DPNTMTLD.LG1 Chemical Manufacturing Invista Canada 38,300 GT Natural Gas
1992  West Lorne BioOil Cogeneration Projec Utilities Canadian Forces Station Alert 3,000 D Diesel
1992 Ottawa Health Science Centre (OHSC) Hospitals Ottawa Health Science Centre 68,000 GT Natural Gas
1992 Rosa Flora Crop Production Rosa Flora Ltd. 1,600 SI Natural Gas
1992 University of Toronto Educational Services University of Toronto 6,000 GT Natural Gas
1990 H.J.Heinz Canada Food Manufacturing H.J. Heinz Company Of Canada Ltd. 8,600 GT Natural Gas
1990 Resolute Forest Products, Fort Frances Paper Manufacturing Abitibi Consolidated Inc. (Fort Frances) 50,000 GT Natural Gas
1989 Domtar Inc. Paper Manufacturing Domtar Inc. 25,000 BPEST nt Pulping Liq
1986 Tembec Inc, Chapleau Co-Generation Paper Manufacturing Chapleau Cogeneration Ltd. 7,100 ECST Hog Fuel
1965 Tembec Industries, Smooth Rock Falls Paper Manufacturing Tembec Inc. 27,000 BPEST Hog Fuel
1955 Hiram Walker and Sons Beverage and Tobacco Prod Hiram Walker and Sons 7,850 BPEST Natural Gas
n/a  Bella Vista Place Oil and Gas Extraction n/a 122 GT Natural Gas
n/a  Highland Green Condominiums Private Households n/a 65 n/a n/a
n/a  Ontario Provincial Police Headquarters Provincial and Territorial n/a 1,100 n/a n/a
n/a  Resolute Forest Products, Thunder Bay Paper Manufacturing Bowater Forest Products, Thunder Bay 67,000 ST n/a
n/a  University of Toronto at Mississauga Educational Services n/a n/a n/a n/a
n/a Brock University Educational Services n/a 6,400 n/a n/a
n/a Correctional Services Canada Justice, Public Order n/a 600 n/a n/a
n/a Domtar Paper Manufacturing n/a n/a 20,000 n/a n/a
n/a Durham College Disctrict Energy Educational Services n/a 2,300 n/a n/a
n/a Essar Cogeneration Facility Primary Metal Manufacturin n/a 70,000 CST n/a
n/a Etobicoke Olympium Amusement, Gambling n/a 250 n/a n/a
n/a Imperial Oil Ltd. Petroleum and Coal Products Imperial Oil Ltd., Nanticoke Refinery 20,000 GT n/a
n/a Laboratory Services Building Professional, Scientific n/a 335 n/a
n/a Mohawk College Educational Services Mohawk College 810 D n/a
n/a Ontario Government Building Provincial and Territorial n/a 1,100 n/a n/a
n/a Ontario Police College Educational Services n/a 848 n/a n/a
n/a Queens University Educational Services n/a 15,000 n/a n/a
n/a Queens/Hospital Hospitals n/a n/a GT n/a
n/a St. Catherine`s Hospital Hospitals St. Catherine`s Hospital 250 SI n/a
n/a Thorold CoGen LP (incl. Resolute Fores Paper Manufacturing n/a 236,400 n/a n/a
n/a Toronto Community Housing Administration of Housing n/a 335 n/a n/a


Cogeneration Type Codes

SI = Spark ignition engine
GT = Gas Turbine
ST = Steam Turbine
BPST = Back Pressure Steam Turbine
ECST = Extraction/Condensing Steam Turbine
CCGT = Combine-Cycle Gas Turbine
D = Diesel
BPEST = Back Pressure Extraction Steam Turbine
CST = Condensing Steam Turbine
MT = Micro-Turbin

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