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Combined Heat and Power Installation Database



Nova Scotia


Start Year Operator Type of Business Primary Thermal Host Capacity (kW) Cogen Type Fuel Type
1995 Brooklyn Power Corporation Utilities Bowater Mersey Paper Co. 30,000 ECST Hog Fuel
1971 New Page Paper Manufacturing Stora Enso Port Hawkesbury Ltd. 17,500 BPEST n/a
1967 Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Paper Manufacturing Neenah Paper, Pictou Mill 25,700 ECST nt Pulping Liq
n/a Minas Basin Pulp And Paper Ltd. Paper Manufacturing Minas Basin Pulp And Paper Ltd. 6,400 ST n/a
n/a Taylor Lumber Paper Manufacturing n/a 1,100 n/a


Cogeneration Type Codes

SI = Spark ignition engine
GT = Gas Turbine
ST = Steam Turbine
BPST = Back Pressure Steam Turbine
ECST = Extraction/Condensing Steam Turbine
CCGT = Combine-Cycle Gas Turbine
D = Diesel
BPEST = Back Pressure Extraction Steam Turbine
CST = Condensing Steam Turbine
MT = Micro-Turbine

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