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Combined Heat and Power Installation Database




Northwest Territories


Start Year Operator Type of Business Primary Thermal Host Capacity (kW) Cogen Type Fuel Type
2005 NTPC Power Plant Utilities Fort McPherson District Energy 1,720 D Diesel
n/a n/a Utilities Eureka 500 D n/a


Cogeneration Type Codes

SI = Spark ignition engine
GT = Gas Turbine
ST = Steam Turbine
BPST = Back Pressure Steam Turbine
ECST = Extraction/Condensing Steam Turbine
CCGT = Combine-Cycle Gas Turbine
D = Diesel
BPEST = Back Pressure Extraction Steam Turbine
CST = Condensing Steam Turbine
MT = Micro-Turbine


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Data Source: Canadian Industrial Energy End‐use Data and Analysis Centre, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC

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