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Combined Heat and Power Installation Database



British Columbia


Start Year Operator Type of Business Primary Thermal Host Capacity (kW) Cogen Type Fuel Type
2002 Vancouver Landfill Utilities n/a 9,000 SI Natural Gas
1999 Calpine Island Cogeneration LP Utilities Catalyst Paper Corporation, Elk Falls 290,000 CCGT Natural Gas
1999 Tolko Industries Ltd, Armstrong Divisio Wood Products Riverside Forest Products 22,000 BPEST Hog Fuel
1998 Greater Vancouver Regional District (I Waste Management and Re Greater Vanc. Regional District 4,050 SI Sawmill Dust
1993 Atco Power, CNRL Oil and Gas Extraction Duke Energy 118,000 GT Natural Gas
1993 Celgar Paper Manufacturing Celgar Pulp Co. 52,000 BPEST nt Puling Liq
1989 Howe Sound Paper Manufacturing Howe Sound Pulp And Paper 112,500 BPEST nt Puling Liq
1985 Tolko Industries Ltd, Kelowna Division Wood Products n/a 12,000 CST Hog Fuel
1980 Catalyst Paper, Crofton Paper Manufacturing Crofton Pulp & Paper 38,700 BPST nt Puling Liq
1979 Mackenzie Pulp Mill Corp. Paper Manufacturing Pope & Talbot Inc. 20,000 BPEST nt Puling Liq
1973 Canfor Northwood Pulp Paper Manufacturing CANFOR-Northwood 55,400 BPEST nt Puling Liq
1973 Vancouver Cane Refinery Food Manufacturing Rogers Sugar Ltd. 3,000 BPST Natural Gas
1972 Cariboo Pulp & Paper Company, DMI Paper Manufacturing Cariboo Pulp & Paper 32,000 BPEST nt Puling Liq
1972 Domtar Paper Manufacturing Weyerhaeuser 76,500 BPST Hog Fuel
1968 Catalyst Paper, Powell River Paper Manufacturing n/a 36,000 BPEST Hog Fuel
1968 Tembec, Skookumchuck Paper Manufacturing Tembec Industries Inc. 58,500 BPST nt Puling Liq
1964 Catalyst Paper , Port Alberni Paper Manufacturing Port Alberni P&P Division 18,000 BPEST Hog Fuel
1963 Nanaimo Forest Products Paper Manufacturing Pope and Talbot Inc. 30,000 BPST Natural Gas
1949 Neucel Speciality Cellulose Paper Manufacturing Port Alice Operations 15,000 BPST nt Puling Liq
1936 Louisiana Pacific EWP Power Plant Wood Products Louisianna Pacific 7,500 CST Hog Fuel
n/a Annacis Island Waste Management and Re n/a 3,400 n/a n/a
n/a Iona Islands Waste Management and Re n/a 4,500 n/a n/a


Cogeneration Type Codes

SI = Spark ignition engine
GT = Gas Turbine
ST = Steam Turbine
BPST = Back Pressure Steam Turbine
ECST = Extraction/Condensing Steam Turbine
CCGT = Combine-Cycle Gas Turbine
D = Diesel
BPEST = Back Pressure Extraction Steam Turbine
CST = Condensing Steam Turbine
MT = Micro-Turbine



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