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Combined Heat and Power Installation Database




New Brunswick


Start YearOperatorType of BusinessPrimary Thermal HostCapacity (kW)Cogen TypeFuelType
1996Twin Rivers Paper CompanyPaper ManufacturingNexfor/Fraser Papers38,000BPESTHog Fuel
1983AV CellPaper ManufacturingAV Cell Inc.21,000BPESTRed Liquor
1972AV Nackawic Inc.Paper ManufacturingSte. Anne-Nackawic Pulp Co. Ltd.25,000BPESTnt Pulping Liq
1964NB PowerUtilitiesIrving Pulp and Paper Ltd.18,000BPSTHeavy Fuel Oil
1956Irving PulpPaper ManufacturingIrving Pulp And Paper Ltd.33,000BPESTnt Pulping Liq
n/aCampbellton Regional HospitalEducational Servicesn/an/an/an/a

Cogeneration Type Codes

SI = Spark ignition engine
GT = Gas Turbine
ST = Steam Turbine
BPST = Back Pressure Steam Turbine
ECST = Extraction/Condensing Steam Turbine
CCGT = Combine-Cycle Gas Turbine
D = Diesel
BPEST = Back Pressure Extraction Steam Turbine
CST = Condensing Steam Turbine
MT = Micro-Turbine

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