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28/09/2018 2:12 am  

Hi folks does anyone know how to quantify when a SCR is to be used is it based on the input of the single combustion unit or if there are 4 of the same size units is it based on the aggregate cfh amount including all 4?  For instance; I have one 333 kW Gas Turbine that consumes 13.5 MMbtu/hr.  I am installing four of these units.  Is the SCR requirement based on the 13.5 MMBtu/hr or the total of the individual units at 54 MMBtu/hr?

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28/09/2018 9:03 pm  

I believe each unit is normally counted separately and 10 MMbtu is the federal level above which each turbine would fall subject to NSPS permitting. See 40 CFR Sec 60 subpart KKKK. However, for units connect to a single common heat recovery, I believe the emissions are counted in aggregate. You should also consult your specific state requirements. Not all turbines would require an SCR.


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