Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Simple Payback Analysis Tool 

This tool provides a simple payback calculation for various CHP technologies based on the size and energy rates. The calculations use average pricing, efficiencies, & maintenance costs provided in the CHP Technology Catalogs available from the Combined Heat and Power partnership of the EPA. This calculator also shows the carbon emissions reductions from a CHP system based off of eGRID data. The results produced by use of this tool are intended solely as a preliminary evaluation of a potential CHP installation. For a more detailed and exact evaluation, you should seek the assistance of a qualified engineering firm with input from the appropriate manufacturers of power generation equipment.

Simple Payback Analysis Tool

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 CHP TechnologyReciprocating Engine Micro TurbineGas TurbineFuel Cell
   Typical Size Range   65 kW - 15 MW30 kW - 2000 kW1 MW - 50 MW200 - 2000 kW
   Average Installed cost ($/kW)    $ 1,433 - $ 2,900 $ 2,500 - $4,300 $ 1,250 - $ 3,300   $ 4,600 - $ 10,000
   Total Average CHP System Efficiency   78.4%66.8%69%82%
   O&M Cost ($/kWH)    $ 0.0177 $ 0.013 $ 0.0111 $ 0.040
 Notes:  Less than a 65KW Engine is considered Micro-CHPCan package multiple Micro turbines to reach 2 MWSize starts at 1000KWMCFC & PAFC
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